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This is one of our latest fundraisers that you can donate to. We are trying to provide assistance to wrongfully convicted California Inmate, Kenneth Clair. The Orange County District Attorney's Office in a close backroom session in the 9th Circuit Court, permanently closed the door on Mr. Clair's chances of ever having a new trial. This means that Mr. Clair will never have the DNA identity of the person that really committed the crime, or any other exculpatory evidence in a trial, because the Orange County District Attorney, refuses to have his case retrying. This petition, the public outcry, and your support is the only thing that will save Mr. Clair.
We have now launched a full national campaign against the Orange County District Attorneys office and we are planning on having events, protests, getting Mr. Clair legal assistance, and we now have a board a new attorney that is helping the campaign through this process. What ever you can donate will be appreciated. As you can see, we did not set out originally to get donations to assist Mr. Clair, however, the Orange County District Attorney has set out to use additional dirty tactics, and he put us in a position of having to play hardball. Please support this cause, and give what ever you can.
CRIC is a Limited Liability Corporation formed by C. J. Ford Jr.  The purpose of this LLC is to assist victims of the justice system that are indigent, or have been stripped of their constitutional or civil rights, or have lost the ability to sustain the financial pressures inflicted upon then to assure their freedom.

Citizen's Rights In Contrast (CRIC) is a LLC organization focused on individual constitutional rights. 


These individual rights include the basic constitutional rights, and the right to be treated fairly and ethically in the workforce, society, and in the justice system.


CRIC is very strong and active in the area of criminal constitutional rights. We take your 6th and 14th amendments seriously when it involves due process of law.


If you have an issue or you feel that someone is violating your constitutional rights, we may be able to assist you. If you are just looking for a place to serve in the capacity of helping others, we strongly advise you to volunteer for one of the issues that we are trying to resolve.


Remember that every individual is capable of changing something that is unethical, immoral, or unfair. We are looking forward to supporting your cause. You probably have gone to one of the larger civil and constitutional rights organizations to seek assistance in your complaint. Most of those organizations treat you very unfriendly, sympathize with your complaint, but do absolutely nothing to go after the individuals or investigate into your claim.

We at "Citizen's Rights In Contrast" after contracted, will investigate into your complaint and assist you in seeking professional help or guidance to cure the problem. We can organize protest, events, speaking engagements, or what ever it takes to assist you in fighting your cause or discrimination.