Exposing and Improving The Justice System For Everyone


Citizen's Rights In Contrast (CRIC) is a LLC organization focused on individual constitutional rights. 


These individual rights include the basic constitutional rights, and the right to be treated fairly and ethically in the workforce, society, and in the justice system.


CRIC is very strong and active in the area of criminal constitutional rights. We take your 6th and 14th amendments seriously when it involves due process of law.


If you have an issue or you feel that someone is violating your constitutional rights, we may be able to assist you. If you are just looking for a place to serve in the capacity of helping others, we strongly advise you to volunteer for one of the issues that we are trying to resolve.


Remember that every individual is capable of changing something that is unethical, immoral, or unfair. We are looking forward to supporting your cause. You probably have gone to one of the larger civil and constitutional rights organizations to seek assistance in your complaint. Most of those organizations treat you very unfriendly, sympathize with your complaint, but do absolutely nothing to go after the individuals or investigate into your claim.

We at "Citizen's Rights In Contrast" after contracted, will investigate into your complaint and assist you in seeking professional help or guidance to cure the problem. We can organize protest, events, speaking engagements, or what ever it takes to assist you in fighting your cause or discrimination.


Donations to Citizen's Rights In Contrast are appreciated. Money donated to this organization is used to fund constitutional injustice causes and rights issues. Money is also used to fund indigent wrongfully convicted cases where clients need help financially to have their cases investigated thoroughly, or the cases are so critical that they have to be done pro bono. This organization stands behind the pursuit of exposing and improving the justice system and supporting causes and organizations that do the same. All donations, no matter how small are appreciated.

Please assist us in changing and restoring the justice system to a fair and equal system for everyone. Click the donate key to donate, and again any donation is appreciated.

(Since this is an LLC there are stock options available for those who would like to purchase stock in the organization. Please contact us if you would like to purchase stock.)


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Citizen's Rrights in contrast takes on local and national campaigns where it appears that the justice system has failed. This organization creates petitions, forms rallies, and think tank groups to deal with the unfair and biased justice system. This organization also participates in other justice organizations rallies, seminars, and action committees. This organization feels that just because a person is financially limited, or indigent, that their cause for freedom is just as great as people that have the financial ability. Justice should be for all, and fair justice is mandatory for everyone.
CRIC is a Limited Liability Corporation formed by C. J. Ford Jr.  The purpose of this LLC is to assist victims of the justice system that are indigent,f financially challenged, or have been stripped of their constitutional or civil rights by the justice system. This company believes that everyone has the right to have their justice issue heard, dealt with fairly, no matter what their financial ability is. This company also believes that is very important to protest and to openly campaign to end the discrimination in the justice system.
 This county takes on justice issues involving some other people that do not have a voice, and gives them the exposure that they need to be heard and dealt with fairly by the justice system. This company counteracts courts and prosecutors who have a win at all costs mentality at the expense of an innocent wrongfully convicted person, or a person who have been deprived of their constitutional rights.